let’s kick off this blog thing with a little nature-related contemplation…

Oh hey. Just wanted to start off this site with a standout quote from Charles Taylor’s behemoth tomb Sources of The Self.

“Nature draws us because it is in some way attuned to our feelings, so that it can reflect and intensify those we already feel or else awaken those which are dormant. Nature is like a great keyboard in which our highest sentiments are played out. We turn to it, as we might turn to music, to evoke and strengthen the best in us.”

– Charles Taylor

Doesn’t that make you want to… GO OUTSIDE!! And dance around to this song?!

Okay, I have to preface this by stating that Cults is the band that I have been obnoxiously raving about to all of my friends for the last few weeks, so bear with me. BUT…  Cults is awesome; 34 minutes of no filler, really incredible album, nearly every song is super playable and radio-friendly.  Cults consists of singer Madeline Follin and guitarist Brian Oblivion, who have somehow mastered being simultaneously sweet and sinister. Madeline Follin’s ‘60s girl group vocals are paired with a darker sensibility and lyricism; on “Most Wanted,” Follin sings, “when I am happy my heart starts to slow/ what I most want is bad for me I know.” Cults follows in the oh-so-trendy lo-fi movement, with a noisy, reverb-heavy sound paired with über-catchy, throwback melodies. Stand-out tracks include “Abducted” (1), “Go Outside” (2), and “Oh My God” (7) but really, all of the tracks are wonderful, please enjoy.

RIYL: Tennis, Best Coast, Beach House

Cults is touring now, check out their official site at cultscultscults.com for more information!