Louis CK on mortality… just like a bus ride to Pittsburgh!

I’ve been on a bit of a Louis CK bender lately after catching his uproarious interview with Jon Stewart last week, where he eloquently deconstructed the comedic value behind fart jokes.  How have I been missing out on such demented, dark hilarity? Rather than going after obvious comedic targets, Louis CK tackles the absurdities of everyday life (his experience as a single dad) with a dark but extraordinarily relatable voice.  He’s been getting a lot of press lately for the second season of his FX show, Louie, which he writes, directs, AND edits on a super-low budget… damn, way to make me feel like a slacker.

In an interview with Time, Louis CK compares our inevitable demise to a bus ride to Pittsburgh:

I don’t think about—I mean for myself, but everybody dies, so to me it’s kind of like being on a bus to Pittsburgh and I’m like I wonder what time we’re going to get to Pittsburgh. And everyone’s like shut—what—why are you talking about Pittsburgh? We’re on a fucking bus; this bus is going to Pittsburgh. God, you know, you’re so obsessed with Pittsburgh. Well, it says it on the fucking tickets and on the front of the bus, where do you—that’s where we’re going. Why aren’t you talking—aren’t you interested that we’re all headed there?

Ah, love it. Reminds me of George Carlin’s discussion of dead people

Anyway… here’s a blistering 6 minutes of Louis CK standup that discusses pretentious coffee-sippers, rollerblading Kenny G lookalikes, and hating people. Marvelous.


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