playlist 7.19.11- whole lotta NEW

 MOONBELL figurine- figurine ep

WASHED OUT amor fati- within and without

THIEVERY CORPORATION retaliation suite- radio retaliation

AIR mike mills- talkie walkie

MEMORY TAPES wait in the dark- player piano

KRAFTWERK franz schubert

LOVE INKS black eye- esp

LYKKE LI i follow rivers- wounded rhymes

WILCO i might- i might (single)

THE HORRORS still life- skying

KINKS powerman- darjeeling limited soundtrack

ALEXANDER truth- alexander

BRIGHT EYES a machine spiritual (in the peoples key)- the people’s key

OF MONTREAL dirty dustin hoffman needs a bath- early four track recordings

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE satellite- give it back

BON IVER hinnom, tx- bon iver

MIRAH the forest- (a) spera

ST. VINCENT laughing with a mouthful of blood- actor

YACHT dystopia (glass version)- shangri la

BATTLES ice cream- gloss drop

TUNE-YARDS powa- w h o k i l l

REAL ESTATE its real- days

SHAKY HANDS summer’s life- the shaky hands

SEAPONY blue star- go with me


BEIRUT vagabond- the rip tide

SUFJAN STEVENS mistress witch from mcclure (or, the mind that knows itself)- the avalanche

VETIVER right way- the errant charm

RAD CLOUD california’s totally rad- super kung fu

[I linked to some of my favorite new tracks of the day… enjoy]

TUESDAYS 4-6pm. / 103.3 FM in SJ


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