playlist 9.20.11 xylophone, swedes + beirut giveaway

LANA DEL REY blue jeans (whoa, this video was uploaded on sept 9th and already has 380,000 views [definitely buoyed by how foxy del rey is]… what do you think, is it cool or is it a little too intentionally ‘indie’ aesthetic, feels a little contrived?)

THE ETTES you never say- wicked will

TY SEGALL my head explodes- goodbye bread

BLUE SKIES FOR BLACK HEARTS majoring in the arts- pdx pop now! 2011

ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI fright night- before today

NURSES fever dreams- dracula

ALEXANDER awake my body- alexander (listen to this song and try and stay in a bad mood. just try. NOT. POSSIBLE.) 

BSS PRESENTS KEVIN DREW safety bricks- spirit if…

AKRON/FAMILY light emerges

EL PERRO DEL MAR somebody’s baby- from the valley to the stars

JENS LEKMAN a promise- an argument with myself (performing at the california academy of sciences nightlife on september 29th… only twelve bucks, jens’ only SF show, get yer tickets now! cocktails, planetarium, and sweet swedish pop… what’s not to like?) 

OKKERVIL RIVER starry stairs- the stand-ins

STRFKR the wisdom of insecurity- japan 3.11.11 polyvinyl 

EL PERRO DEL MAR what do you expect- pale fire (Swedish chanteuse Sarah Assbring goes darkly electronic with this single from her 2012 release “Pale Fire”. “What Do You Expect” was inspired by the London Riots.)

OF MONTREAL sex karma (st. vincent remix)- japan 3.11.11

FOL CHEN in ruins (keepaway remix)

SMALL BLACK despicable dogs

THE HORRORS endless blue- skying

BEIRUT vagabond- the rip tide

CONGRATS GILBERT ON WINNING A PAIR OF TICKETS TO BEIRUT IN OAKLAND! have an amaaaaaaazing timeee with good ol’ zach condon & his brass-instrument toting troupe 

STARFUCKER reptilians-reptilians

TUNE-YARDS gangsta (cut chemist remix)- gangsta single(available for free download from 4AD… sick remix!)

GOLD PANDA marriage (star slinger remix)

TORO Y MOI all alone- freaking out

BSS romance to the grave- forgiveness rock record

SUFJAN STEVENS side d of ‘all delighted people’ vinyl, untitled piano tracks



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