playlist 10.28.11- francophile

YVES MONTAND les feuilles mortes (the dead leaves)

PETER STARSTENT where do yo go to (my lovely)?- darjeeling limited soundtrack

FRANCOISE HARDY comment te dire adieu (it hurts to say goodbye)- comment te dire adieu

NOUVELLE VAGUE in a manner of speaking- nouvelle vague

AIR kelly watch the stars (moog cookbook remix)- moon safari remixes, rarities and radio sessions [interesting remix, almost unrecognizable as the same song!]

BEIRUT vagabond- the rip tide 

AIR FRANCE no excuses- no way down

AMADOU & MARIAM sabali- welcome to mali

METRONOMY the look (fred falke remix)- the look single

PHOENIX lisztomania (classixx remix)- wolfgang amadeus phoenix

JUSTICE audio, video, disco- audio, video, disco [new justice! what do you think of the Parisian duo’s second album? Pitchfork didn’t think of it too highly, describing AVD as “cheese-rock signifiers dressed up as dance music.”]

TELEPOPMUSIK breathe- genetic world

MASSIVE ATTACK paradise circus (gui boratto remix)

LITTLE DRAGON feather- machine dreams

KOOP koop island blues- koop islands

SERGE GAINSBOURG la femme des uns sous les corps des autres- best of [Ah yes! Your favorite old creepy french singer Serge Gainsbourg makes an appearance! A national treasure.]

ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI sooner than soon (qua remix)- like a call ep

Congrats Eric and Andrew on winning tickets to Architecture in Helsinki at the Fillmore this Thursday!!

M83 midnight city- hurry up we’re dreaming

ST VINCENT chloe in the afternoon- strange mercy

AIR modular mix- premiers symptomes

DJ SHADOW warning call- the less you know the better

M popmusik- popmusik [This song seriously reminds me of the ‘Pop Up Video’ theme song. Watch the video, it makes me wanna hit up the discotheque circa 1979]


playlist 10.15.11- C86 “birth of indie”

This week’s playlist was loosely inspired by post-punk, shoegaze, the earliest days of indie rock in the mid-1980’s. In 1986, NME and Rough Trade Records released C86, a now-legendary compilation that established the “independent” aspect of “indie” music, through a secret-society vibe and an imperfect, raw sound. In the 2006 article “The birth of uncool,”  Alexis Petridis of The Guardian described the C86 mixtape as “iconoclastic and human, and so fiercely independent it was kind of beyond authenticity.” I only played one artist featured on the C86 compilation (The Pastels), and instead tried to offer an interpretation of modern artists who were influenced by this deeply personal sonic movement (The Radio Dept, Dum Dum Girls, Wu Lyf).

WILCO summerteeth- summerteeth

WILD NOTHING chinatown- gemini (I love this video for “Chinatown” featuring footage from the 1969 short film “Clown”…. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE DOG?!?!)

EXITMUSIC the hours- from silence

BLACK TAMBOURINE drown- complete recordings (very early dream-pop, from Slumberland Records in the 1990s) 

DUM DUM GIRLS coming down- only in dreams

TWIN SISTER kimmi in a rice field- in heaven

WEEKEND hazel- red (local)

CRYSTAL STILTS the dazzled

BOB DYLAN don’t think twice, it’s all right- the freewheelin’ bob dylan (vinyl.. just got this record at Amoeba yesterday)

WILCO whole love- whole love

MEMORYHOUSE sleep patterns- the years

THE RADIO DEPT domestic scene- clinging to a scheme

THE SMITHS this charming man (vinyl)

THE PASTELS ride- up for a bit with the pastels (vinyl)

ATLAS SOUND criminals (electronic version)- logos


MATTHIEU SANTOS good return theme- massachusettes

ST VINCENT chloe in the afternoon- strange mercy

WU LYF we bros- go tell fire to the mountain

GANG GANG DANCE house jam- st dymphona (I saw Gang Gang Dance at the Independent on Tuesday, definitely does not fit in with this show’s theme, but WOW what a kooky, bizarre, awesome show… totally ridiculous in the best way.)

PAINTED PALMS falling asleep- canopy

NEON INDIAN halogen (i could be a shadow)- era extrana

WILD NOTHING vultures like lovers- summer holiday

THEOPHILUS LONDON FEAT SARA QUIN why even try- timez are weird

CANON BLUE a nature (madison)- rumspringa

Saturdays 11 AM – 1 PM // 103.3 FM

playlist 10.8.11- 60’s inspired dark pop

New Show Time!  Saturdays 11 AM- 1 PM (every other week)

ATLAS SOUND FEAT LAETITA SADIER (of Stereolab) quick canal- logos

BROADCAST come on let’s go- the noise made by people

BEACH BOYS hang on to your ego- pet sounds

ST. VINCENT cruel- strange mercy (check out the just-released creeptastic video for “Cruel”… it was partially inspired by the 1987 Goldie Hawn/ Kurt Russell kidnapping-is-fun flick Overboard

PURITY RING lofticries (so. so . so obsessed with this jam. please play on LOUD speakers)

WU LYF heavy pop- go tell fire to the mountain

FEIST how come you never go there- metals (what do you think of Feist’s new album? i give it a ‘meh’)

SEAWEED kid candy- four (in-studio request from KSCU veteran DJ Naven, here for alumni weekend)

MALE BONDING dig you out- endless now

THE ETTES you never say- wicked will

SEBADOH dreams- bake sale

PAVEMENT it’s a rainy day, sunshine girl (KCRW 1997 version)- brighten the corners (cover of krautrock band Faust) 

CAN paperhouse- tago mago

STEREOLAB french disko

THE WAR ON DRUGS best night- slave ambient

MATTHIEU SANTOS silly thoughts- masssachusetts

OREGON BIKE TRAILS deep sea diver (I randomly stumbed on this band on youtube, pretty good! They are actually from Santa Monica, interesting they went with an Oregonian name… Check ’em out on their Bandcamp)

ATLAS SOUND te amo- parallax (Bradford Cox– te amo! ‘Parallax’ will be released next month from 4AD)

JENS LEKMAN waiting for kirsten- an argument with myself (This song is about Kirsten Dunst going to Jens Lekman’s show in Sweden, but not getting in because “in Gothenburg we don’t have VIP lines”)

BEIRUT the rip tide- the rip tide

LYKKE LI i know places- wounded rhymes

SEAPONY blue star- go with me

CULTS walk at night- cults

MORNING BENDERS promises (star slinger remix)- japan echo ep

HERE WE GO MAGIC hands in the sky- january ep

Thanks for listening guys, this show was so fun! I’ll be back Saturday after next— 103.3 FM