playlist 10.8.11- 60’s inspired dark pop

New Show Time!  Saturdays 11 AM- 1 PM (every other week)

ATLAS SOUND FEAT LAETITA SADIER (of Stereolab) quick canal- logos

BROADCAST come on let’s go- the noise made by people

BEACH BOYS hang on to your ego- pet sounds

ST. VINCENT cruel- strange mercy (check out the just-released creeptastic video for “Cruel”… it was partially inspired by the 1987 Goldie Hawn/ Kurt Russell kidnapping-is-fun flick Overboard

PURITY RING lofticries (so. so . so obsessed with this jam. please play on LOUD speakers)

WU LYF heavy pop- go tell fire to the mountain

FEIST how come you never go there- metals (what do you think of Feist’s new album? i give it a ‘meh’)

SEAWEED kid candy- four (in-studio request from KSCU veteran DJ Naven, here for alumni weekend)

MALE BONDING dig you out- endless now

THE ETTES you never say- wicked will

SEBADOH dreams- bake sale

PAVEMENT it’s a rainy day, sunshine girl (KCRW 1997 version)- brighten the corners (cover of krautrock band Faust) 

CAN paperhouse- tago mago

STEREOLAB french disko

THE WAR ON DRUGS best night- slave ambient

MATTHIEU SANTOS silly thoughts- masssachusetts

OREGON BIKE TRAILS deep sea diver (I randomly stumbed on this band on youtube, pretty good! They are actually from Santa Monica, interesting they went with an Oregonian name… Check ’em out on their Bandcamp)

ATLAS SOUND te amo- parallax (Bradford Cox– te amo! ‘Parallax’ will be released next month from 4AD)

JENS LEKMAN waiting for kirsten- an argument with myself (This song is about Kirsten Dunst going to Jens Lekman’s show in Sweden, but not getting in because “in Gothenburg we don’t have VIP lines”)

BEIRUT the rip tide- the rip tide

LYKKE LI i know places- wounded rhymes

SEAPONY blue star- go with me

CULTS walk at night- cults

MORNING BENDERS promises (star slinger remix)- japan echo ep

HERE WE GO MAGIC hands in the sky- january ep

Thanks for listening guys, this show was so fun! I’ll be back Saturday after next— 103.3 FM


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