playlist 10.28.11- francophile

YVES MONTAND les feuilles mortes (the dead leaves)

PETER STARSTENT where do yo go to (my lovely)?- darjeeling limited soundtrack

FRANCOISE HARDY comment te dire adieu (it hurts to say goodbye)- comment te dire adieu

NOUVELLE VAGUE in a manner of speaking- nouvelle vague

AIR kelly watch the stars (moog cookbook remix)- moon safari remixes, rarities and radio sessions [interesting remix, almost unrecognizable as the same song!]

BEIRUT vagabond- the rip tide 

AIR FRANCE no excuses- no way down

AMADOU & MARIAM sabali- welcome to mali

METRONOMY the look (fred falke remix)- the look single

PHOENIX lisztomania (classixx remix)- wolfgang amadeus phoenix

JUSTICE audio, video, disco- audio, video, disco [new justice! what do you think of the Parisian duo’s second album? Pitchfork didn’t think of it too highly, describing AVD as “cheese-rock signifiers dressed up as dance music.”]

TELEPOPMUSIK breathe- genetic world

MASSIVE ATTACK paradise circus (gui boratto remix)

LITTLE DRAGON feather- machine dreams

KOOP koop island blues- koop islands

SERGE GAINSBOURG la femme des uns sous les corps des autres- best of [Ah yes! Your favorite old creepy french singer Serge Gainsbourg makes an appearance! A national treasure.]

ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI sooner than soon (qua remix)- like a call ep

Congrats Eric and Andrew on winning tickets to Architecture in Helsinki at the Fillmore this Thursday!!

M83 midnight city- hurry up we’re dreaming

ST VINCENT chloe in the afternoon- strange mercy

AIR modular mix- premiers symptomes

DJ SHADOW warning call- the less you know the better

M popmusik- popmusik [This song seriously reminds me of the ‘Pop Up Video’ theme song. Watch the video, it makes me wanna hit up the discotheque circa 1979]


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