playlist 01.28.12- interstellar grooves

I went for a futuristic but throwback vibe on this show, featuring artists like Can, who sound progressive and forward-thinking today although their work was produced 40 years ago (!). A little bit of that cold, icy space feeling. I was also inspired by the show I went to last night, Lagos Roots at Elbo Room, self-described as “unfiltered, deeply-grooved Nigerian Afrobeat music performed live by a 15-piece afrobeat orchestra. Prepare to dial in on the dance floor and sweat to the beat of the Kalakuta Republic!” Needless to say, it was a fantastic show, busting with contagious feelings of elation. Although these two themes may seem incongruous, it all melded together through that perfect hybrid of sci-fi and psychedelic beats: SUN-RA! Space is the place, don’t you know…

STEREOLAB neon beanbag- chemical chords

METRONOMY everything goes my way- the english riviera

SBTRKT atomic peace [originally self-released in 2009, more of an ambient vibe than his current stuff! quite nice…]

BLOUSE they always fly away- blouse

CAN vitamin c- broken embraces soundtrack

THERAPIES SON touching down- over the sea [a bit of a george harrison feel, don’t you think? exceedingly pleasant]

ATLAS SOUND te amo- parallax [Elated that atlas sound is performing at this year’s Noise Pop Festival on February 25 at Bimbos. Tickets are not sold out yet, don’t miss your chance to see Bradford Cox in the flesh!]

Check out this blog for more German retro futuristic illustrations-->

MOONDOG bird’s lament [please click on the video link just to see Moondog’s futuristic Santa Claus-esque gear]

CAN spoon

RADIOHEAD lotus flower (jacques green remix)

JANKA NABAY AND THE BUBU GANG eh mane ah- bubu king

MULATU ASTATKE yegelle tezeta- new york- addis- london 1965-1975

GENE AUSTIN everything’s made for love- beginners soundtrack

AMADOU & MARIAM sabali- welcome to mali

THE BUDOS BAND chicago falcon- live at CMJ 2007


SUN RA door to the cosmos

ATLAS SOUND criminals- logos

PINK FLOYD  wots uh the deal- obscured by clouds

GIRLS love like a river- father son holy ghost

CANT the edge- dreams come true

YOUTH LAGOON posters- youth lagoon

FUTURE ISLAND walking through that door- the evening air

BROADCAST i found the F- tender buttons

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG paradisco- stage whisper

CRYSTAL CASTLES magic spells- crystal castles


playlist 01.14.12- blissed-out

Hazy, dreamy music for a luxuriously slow Saturday afternoon.

[Also, new show time: every other  Saturday from 1- 3 pm on KSCU.]

AU REVOIR SIMONE all or nothing- still night, still life

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE rabbit heart (raise it up)- live at KEXP vol. 7 (AMAZING live performance…)

GANG GANG DANCE house jam- saint dymphna

PHANTOGRAM turning into stone- nightlife

STARFUCKER medicine- jupiter  [Best spoken word line: “The beginning of philosophy of wonder. Philosophy is man’s expression of curiosity about everything, his attempt to make sense of the world through his intellect.”]

DCFC codes and keys (yeasayer remix)- keys & codes remixes

YOUTH LAGOON afternoon- youth lagoon

PARTY TALK craft spells

GOLD PANDA marriage (star slinger remix)

WASHED OUT soft- within and without

AUSTRA lose it- feel it break

BLOUSE  into black

THE SOFT MOON total decay- total decay ep [The Soft Moon is performing with Blouse at Cafe Du Nord this Thursday for twelve bucks… psyched for some trance-y but upbeat indie pop!]

ATLAS SOUND light works- parallax

SIGUR ROS vid spilum endalaust- inni

JESSE WOODS mind, drips (neon indian cover)- moon rocks

THE SHINS simple song [New single from the illustrious Shins! Whaddya think??]

M83 wait- hurry up we’re dreaming

THOM YORKE the eraser [Just bought tickets to Radiohead at HP Pavilion in April…  My. God. Cannot wait.]


The Luxury of Solitude

Maintaining a firm sense of self is an integral part of a well-rounded life. Spending time alone is one of the best opportunities I have to re-evaluate why I am acting in the way that I am, rather than going through the motions mindlessly. It is a wholly self-centered pursuit, devoid of any ulterior motive other than making oneself feel more complete. Being alone provides a chance to do things that you truly enjoy without worrying if anyone else is having a good time.

As any economist will tell you, luxury is a function of scarcity. So, your alone time becomes more valuable when there is less of it available. Conversely, if all of your time is spent alone then it becomes somewhat meaningless, devoid of value… life is all about moderation, and time in solitude is no exception. Especially after starting working full-time, I cherish my moments alone, where I am able to engage in activities that I perform for the sake of themselves rather than activities performed for an ultimately functional purpose.

Below is an excerpt from Margarita Karapanou’s novel Rien Ne Va Plus, translated from the original Greek version by Karen Emmerich.

For me freedom means solitude, a solitude full of walks in the country, solitary strolls through unfamiliar cities, books scattered around my bed at night, lying open at random pages… When I’m sitting at a cafe, I look at my hand resting on the table, my pale hand with its long red nails, maybe I’m wearing a ring, and it fills me with an indescribable pleasure, because that hand is my hand, and I’ve made it beautiful for myself, and when I leave this cafe in this unfamiliar city, I’ll return to the hotel, take a hot fragrant bath, and then fall asleep.  I want to be alone, to sail like a ship and stop and whatever harbor I choose, and leave again when I want. My solitude is sacred.

Spending time alone helps you to develop a strong sense of self in future challenges; pardon the cliché, but a sense of calm amidst the storm. Being good to yourself helps you to bring something to the table in terms of your fundamental beliefs, passions, and understanding of truths. Once you embrace your unique-ness and comfortability as an individual, it makes life a hell of a lot  easier, more carefree, and fun.

One of my favorite solo indulgences is going to see films. Now, I’ve gotten plenty of bewildered glances from ticket-sellers when I ask for one ticket, even had an usher ask me, “Don’t you have any friends?” Yes, usher dude, I do indeed have friends, but movies are possibly the least sociable activity to partake in. You sit parallel to another person in the dark for a few hours, with minimal eye contact and conversation forbidden. It is lovely to see flicks with fellow film-nerds and analyze it over  drinks afterwards, but having company is by no means a necessary component to enjoying a film.

My film tastes run towards the snobbish, obnoxiously esoteric side of things, not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Why drag a friend to sit morosely through a movie they don’t want to see when it is is perfectly acceptable to go solo? On a quiet Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, I saw Lars Von Trier’s visually stunning Melancholia, a cosmically epic film that lives up to its tragic name. The film garnered rave reviews for its dual depiction of clinical depression and an impending apocalypse, with some good ol’ criticism of capitalism thrown in.  Oh, and gratuitous usage of Wagner’s Prelude from Tristan Und Isolde.

As a bit of a nostalgia fiend, I adored seeing the film at the legendary Bridge Theater, a throwback single-screen movie house that has been operating nonstop since 1939. It’s the kind of place where the projectionist is the same guy who sells you your ticket, shills popcorn, and does a charmingly awkward introduction of the film to the audience (referring to Melancholia as a “downer”). After the film, I walked down the street to my favorite cafe, sipped an Americano, people-watched, and thought about the purpose of it all.

So, that’s the kind of thing I like to do alone. Now, I’m not advocating that you spend your alone time seeing semi-depressing movies, you do YOUR thing! Appreciate your individual quirks, unapologetically foster your interests, get down with your bad self.