playlist 01.14.12- blissed-out

Hazy, dreamy music for a luxuriously slow Saturday afternoon.

[Also, new show time: every other  Saturday from 1- 3 pm on KSCU.]

AU REVOIR SIMONE all or nothing- still night, still life

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE rabbit heart (raise it up)- live at KEXP vol. 7 (AMAZING live performance…)

GANG GANG DANCE house jam- saint dymphna

PHANTOGRAM turning into stone- nightlife

STARFUCKER medicine- jupiter  [Best spoken word line: “The beginning of philosophy of wonder. Philosophy is man’s expression of curiosity about everything, his attempt to make sense of the world through his intellect.”]

DCFC codes and keys (yeasayer remix)- keys & codes remixes

YOUTH LAGOON afternoon- youth lagoon

PARTY TALK craft spells

GOLD PANDA marriage (star slinger remix)

WASHED OUT soft- within and without

AUSTRA lose it- feel it break

BLOUSE  into black

THE SOFT MOON total decay- total decay ep [The Soft Moon is performing with Blouse at Cafe Du Nord this Thursday for twelve bucks… psyched for some trance-y but upbeat indie pop!]

ATLAS SOUND light works- parallax

SIGUR ROS vid spilum endalaust- inni

JESSE WOODS mind, drips (neon indian cover)- moon rocks

THE SHINS simple song [New single from the illustrious Shins! Whaddya think??]

M83 wait- hurry up we’re dreaming

THOM YORKE the eraser [Just bought tickets to Radiohead at HP Pavilion in April…  My. God. Cannot wait.]



2 Comments on “playlist 01.14.12- blissed-out”

  1. I can actually listen to the show now with the new time change! What seats did you score for Radiohead?

  2. leduffy says:

    I ended up getting balcony seats… not ideal, but the show sold out in 10 minutes, lucky that I can be in Thom’s presence at all 🙂

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