playlist 01.28.12- interstellar grooves

I went for a futuristic but throwback vibe on this show, featuring artists like Can, who sound progressive and forward-thinking today although their work was produced 40 years ago (!). A little bit of that cold, icy space feeling. I was also inspired by the show I went to last night, Lagos Roots at Elbo Room, self-described as “unfiltered, deeply-grooved Nigerian Afrobeat music performed live by a 15-piece afrobeat orchestra. Prepare to dial in on the dance floor and sweat to the beat of the Kalakuta Republic!” Needless to say, it was a fantastic show, busting with contagious feelings of elation. Although these two themes may seem incongruous, it all melded together through that perfect hybrid of sci-fi and psychedelic beats: SUN-RA! Space is the place, don’t you know…

STEREOLAB neon beanbag- chemical chords

METRONOMY everything goes my way- the english riviera

SBTRKT atomic peace [originally self-released in 2009, more of an ambient vibe than his current stuff! quite nice…]

BLOUSE they always fly away- blouse

CAN vitamin c- broken embraces soundtrack

THERAPIES SON touching down- over the sea [a bit of a george harrison feel, don’t you think? exceedingly pleasant]

ATLAS SOUND te amo- parallax [Elated that atlas sound is performing at this year’s Noise Pop Festival on February 25 at Bimbos. Tickets are not sold out yet, don’t miss your chance to see Bradford Cox in the flesh!]

Check out this blog for more German retro futuristic illustrations-->

MOONDOG bird’s lament [please click on the video link just to see Moondog’s futuristic Santa Claus-esque gear]

CAN spoon

RADIOHEAD lotus flower (jacques green remix)

JANKA NABAY AND THE BUBU GANG eh mane ah- bubu king

MULATU ASTATKE yegelle tezeta- new york- addis- london 1965-1975

GENE AUSTIN everything’s made for love- beginners soundtrack

AMADOU & MARIAM sabali- welcome to mali

THE BUDOS BAND chicago falcon- live at CMJ 2007


SUN RA door to the cosmos

ATLAS SOUND criminals- logos

PINK FLOYD  wots uh the deal- obscured by clouds

GIRLS love like a river- father son holy ghost

CANT the edge- dreams come true

YOUTH LAGOON posters- youth lagoon

FUTURE ISLAND walking through that door- the evening air

BROADCAST i found the F- tender buttons

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG paradisco- stage whisper

CRYSTAL CASTLES magic spells- crystal castles


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