playlist 2.25.12- garage rock revival


This week’s show was inspired by grimy, fuzz-drenched garage-rock… best appreciated while accompanied by Jameson, full-blown speakers, last call. San Francisco artists like Ty Segall, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Thee Oh Sees (pictured above) bring modern interpretations to the classic Stooges-esque sound, drawing from psychedelic, punk, glam, blues. Naturally, the end of Saturday’s playlist veered into comfortable dream-pop territory (including new music from Mazzy Star)… I can’t keep up the scuzzy high energy for that long!

DR DOG that old black hole- be the void

 “I put on my clothes like a bodyguard, I put the dogs on patrol in my own backyard…I’ve got my eyes on the prize but it looks just like a mystery, and it all goes by on the lonesome trail to victory.” Sometimes feel like that hamster fruitlessly spinning… NICE METAPHOR, Docta Dawg!

BLACK KEYS lonely boy- el camino

THE STOOGES i wanna be your dog (can it get any better than this??!)

THE STOOGES search and destroy

ARIEL PINK fright night (nevemore)- before today 

THEE OH SEES crushed grass- carrion crawler lp

KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES how can i keep you (outta harm’s way)- what is??!

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB what happened to my rock n roll- b.r.m.c.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE straight up and down- tepid peppermint wonderland

BLACK LIPS bad kids- 500 days of summer soundtrack

SMITH WESTERNS all die young- dye it blonde

KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES i wanna be a girl- what is?!

TY SEGALL my head explodes- goodbye bread

KAVINSKY nightcall- drive soundtrack

ATLAS SOUND sheila- logos

TENNIS my better self- young & old (NEW tennis! ‘young and old’ produced by patrick from the black keys)

TONY ALLEN ariya- dj-kicks (totally off theme, but the DJ Kicks, Motor City Drum Ensemble compilation is excellent, electronic, african influenced beats… really great, give it a listen!)

BLEACHED think of you- carter

PERFUME GENIUS lookout, lookout- learning

WILD NOTHING gemini- gemini

WARPAINT billie holiday- exquisite corpse

MAZZY STAR common burn (NEW track after 15 years, from ‘Rhymes of an Hour’!)

BEACH HOUSE wedding bell- devotion

ATLAS SOUND the shakes- parallax


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