playlist 03.10.12- avant-garde pop

This week was a particularly eclectic set, an electronic amalgam of ambient, trip-hop, experimental influences. The only constant was a break from the traditional song structure while maintaining a sense of melodic listenability.  A level of weird, the beauty of the mysterious undiscovered. The patron saints of this show were Can, Stereolab, and Radiohead… our sonic guides!

STEREOLAB cybele’s reverie- emperor tomato ketchup

BONOBO kiara (cosmin TRG remix)- black sands remixed (Remixed album released on February 21st, check out Bonobo’s site and give it a listen! Excellent new takes on a fantastic album. )

KRAFTWERK tour de france- tour de france

CAN oh yeah- tago mago

BORN RUFFIANS i need a life (four tet remix)- dj-kicks

FOUR TET angel echoes (jon hopkins remix)- angel echoes +remixes

RADIOHEAD lotus flower (sbtrkt rmx)- TKOL RMX 1234567

GRIMES oblivion- visions

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG paradisco- stage whisper

VITALIC poison lips

Congrats Nick on winning tickets to Vitalic at 103 Harriet!!!!

BLOUSE they always fly away- blouse

BJORK all is full of love- homogenic

APHEX TWIN tha- selected ambient works

BRIAN ENO deep blue day- apollo (atmospheric, dreamy, exactly what a deep blue day feels like)

BURIAL archangel- untrue

PICTURE PLANE gang signs- dark rift

PANTHA DU PRINCE stick to my side four tet remix

STEREOLAB metronomic underground- emperor tomato ketchup

RADIOHEAD electioneering- ok computer

PORTISHEAD roads- dummy

MASSIVE ATTACK  paradise circus (gui borratto remix)- heliogold (wonderful fan vid featuring footage from jean cocteau’s film “blood of a poet”)


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